Lounge Rome hotel

The Hotel's Public Areas

Past the reception area, you will find yourself wrapped in the elegance of the lounge.

The Hotel Laurentia offers you a spacious room with armchairs and sofas in white leather, where lampshades create a gentle glow on the fine furnishings.

An expert blend, creating an ideal setting for moments of relaxation as well as all your business commitments.

Sit in comfort on the sofas next to the wide window to read a book, wait for a visitor or just to organize your day or chat with the people you met during your stay.

Take advantage of the more intimate and secluded seats a little farther away for an important business meeting, or to send email and work from your laptop, thanks to the Wi-Fi internet connection available throughout the hotel.

Did you leave your laptop in your room?
No problem: use the hotel's computer as if it were yours.
Comfort and relaxation: these are the defining elements in these surroundings.
A place to share and live to the fullest.