Hotels in Rome near the National Research Council CNR

The Cnr

Rome is not just a great tourism center, but also an important business center. In fact, many people pour into the city every day for business reasons, and they may need to sleep in the city for at least one night.

Working away from home can be tiring, which is exactly why you need to choose a hotel that is able to meet all your needs, that can help you relax at the end of the day but still get your work done – a hotel located in a strategic area that lets you get to your workplace on foot and avoid the city's chaotic traffic.

For everyone who needs to go to the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome, the Hotel Laurentia is now the perfect choice – an elegant and refined hotel offering targeted service for every need, and located just a few minutes from the CNR.

By choosing the Hotel Laurentia you know that you can walk directly to wherever you're going, and you also know the hotel's professional staff will pamper you throughout your stay. Not only that, but the Hotel Laurentia offers special rates for those on business trips to CNR for meetings or congresses, so you can save a little even while you are staying in a luxury hotel where every last detail is taken care of.