Hotels in Rome near Termini Station

Termini Station in Rome


Nothing is more comfortable for a traveler than being able to reach a welcoming and efficient hotel in just a few minutes. For anyone who decides to travel by train arriving at Rome's Termini Station, the Hotel Laurentia is now the perfect choice, a hotel located in the historic center of Rome a few minutes' walk from the city's main train station


By choosing the Hotel Laurentia upon your arrival in Rome, you will be able to quickly reach your room and immediately start enjoying all the joys that Rome can offer


Having the station so nearby (about 500 meters / 0.3 mi) of course also means not having to leave Rome too early, not having to worry about missing your return train. But if you think the Hotel Laurentia's strategic location is ideal only for these reasons, you're making a big mistake.


A hotel near Termini Station actually lets you decide to spend part of your stay in the province of Rome, known for its natural beauty, archeological sites and many charming villages; but here you are also just a few steps from the subway and the major tourist buses so you can experience Rome in depth, discovering even the best-hidden corners of the city


Finally, a hotel near Termini Station lets you devote yourself to shopping. The subterranean level of the station offers 14,000 sq m / 150,700 sq ft with every imaginable kind of shop