Hotels near University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome 1

Sapienza University : Rome 1

Sapienza University of Rome is one of the most important universities in Italy, known internationally for the high level of its courses and the excellence of its students, researchers and of course its professors.

Congresses, conventions and lectures are periodically held at Sapienza University of Rome, bringing together eminent professors from across Italy and of course abroad.

The instructors traveling to Sapienza University for these meetings, as well as the students and researchers at these events that are so important for their education, have to find a hotel nearby that can offer them all the services they need including, of course, the indispensable internet connection.

The Hotel Laurentia is surely the perfect hotel, located quite close to Sapienza University so you can easily walk to it in just a few minutes.

The Hotel Laurentia is conveniently located right in the center of Rome which makes getting around very simple – the perfect hotel for university instructors, researchers and students, the perfect hotel for the best possible work or study trip to Rome.