Hotels in Rome near the Convention Center Frentan

The Frentani Conference Center

Tourism in Rome is quite multifaceted: more than just cultural tourism, it includes business trips and convention travel. Convention travel in Rome centers on both the University and the famous Frentani Conference Center, which offers 7 large-capacity rooms that periodically host conventions, congresses, seminars and meetings of different types.

The Frentani Conference Center attracts instructors, university students, interns, continuing education students, enthusiasts and many others to Rome every day.

These are people who need to spend more than one day in Rome for study or work, people who need a hotel to return to in the evening where they can relax.

The Hotel Laurentia is for them: a very comfortable and elegant hotel that offers services designed to take care of every need. The Hotel Laurentia is prized for its beauty as well as for its location in the historic city center, a few minutes from the Frentani Conference Center.

The Conference Center can easily be reached on foot, a perfect way to avoid morning traffic and the evening rush hour chaos as you return to your room. Anyone going to Rome for a convention often has a little free time available to visit the city, and the Hotel Laurentia will be happy to help you organize it by offering all the information you need on the best of the city's attractions