Rome hotel ISS


The Superior Health Institute (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) in Rome, better known simply as ISS, is one of the most important research centers in Italy, specializing in medical research but also in consulting and education as well as the study and protection of public health.

This important institute brings many people to Rome every day, for study and work, research and education, meetings and congresses of all kinds. Those who come to Rome for the ISS often need to spend at least one night in the city, in a comfortable and convenient hotel located near the ISS, right n the historic center of Rome.

This is the only way they can reach the ISS on foot, avoiding the rush-hour chaos, and also visit other points of interest in the city and maybe even combine business with pleasure: a day of work or study with a nice tour or a fun night out.

For those who go to Rome to visit the ISS, the Hotel Laurentia is surely the perfect hotel, a comfortable hotel offering elegant and refined rooms and many services to meet the needs of every type of guest. And it's just a few minutes from the ISS, an easy walk even for those who don't know Rome at all.
Finally, we must remember that those coming to the Hotel Laurentia for study or business at the ISS can also take advantage of special prices: a way to stay in luxury and comfort without breaking the bank.